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Ezra Awarded 1st Place in the Tri Design Challenge

Socially Assistive Robot for Elderly Peo
Download • 1.79MB

The Tri Design Challenge Program in collaboration with the University of Toronto was an amazing central placement opportunity provided to our students who are traditionally underrepresented in the Science, Technology, and Research field. The placement opportunity not only provided skill development and exposure but mentorship and a variety of educational opportunities such as guest speakers, and certification. So proud of Ezra and his team for coming in first place for the final challenge project! Look forward to the continued partnership with our board. Ms. Nisan

As one of the selected participants, I was grateful that I was given the chance to be part of the TRI Design Collaboration which helped students like myself get some insight about post-secondary and further develop our skills to be of use in the future. The activities in the program were always fun and engaging which made me wish the program to be extended"

Ezra D.

Senator O'Connor Grade 11 Student


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